Trump Recruits Wisconsin Women

Trump Recruits Wisconsin Women

In a new effort to increase his poll numbers, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump announced the Wisconsin Women for Trump Coalition.  Though the group includes a few big names in Wisconsin, including Joint Finance Co-Chair Sen. Alberta Darling, Senate President Sen. Mary Lazich, and former Lt Gov. Margaret Farrow, there were many prominent republican women missing.

Most notably missing from the nominees list was Lt Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.  The Lt Gov. was reportedly asked to join but declined because of her increasingly busy schedule.  Charles Nichols, a spokesman from Kleefisch’s office, stated the Lt Gov. “has been and will continue to be supportive of Donald Trump.  We fully expect we’ll be partaking in many of the Trump-Pence events going forward.”

Trump’s move to create the women based coalition comes after a continued drop in the polls as well as political fire against his treatment of women.  Many women on the list were questioned as to whether Trump’s comments about women will hurt his campaign, but they continue to hold strong with one supporter stating “I’m not going to be distracted by those few comments because I trust Donald Trump to put America first.”

Others named to Trump’s list include Darlene Wink and Rose Ann Dieck, two former employees of Governor Walker during his time as Milwaukee County Executive. Both women were involved in the first John Doe investigation.  Dieck was granted immunity to testify against other members of the investigation while Wink was convicted of two misdemeanors and banned from political activity for one year.

Donald Trump will face former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on November 8th during the general election.