Election Day Results 2016

Election Day Results 2016

November 9, 2016

Yesterday, voters turned out in massive numbers to elect the next President of the United States.  Media outlets reported late last night that voter turnout was up around 4.7% nationwide from the 2012 election. Republican Donald Trump has been declared the winner in the Electoral College. As of Wednesday morning, Democrat Hillary Clinton is reportedly on pace to be just the fifth presidential nominee in history to win the popular vote but lose the presidency in the Electoral College. While voter demographic data will continue to roll in over the next few days, exit polls indicate over 60% of white men and 50% of white women supported Trump, while Clinton had strong support among black and Latino voters. The following is a brief breakdown of the key races determined by yesterday’s election.

President of the United States:  Donald Trump (R)

  • Popular Vote:59.1 million for Donald Trump (R)

✔ 59.3 million for Hillary Clinton  (D)

  • Electoral Vote:

✔276 for Trump

218 for Clinton

Senate: Ron Johnson (R)

Republicans will remain in control of the U.S. Senate with a count of 51 to 47.

  • Election Results

✔ 50%  Ron Johnson (R)

47%  Russ Feingold (D)

Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District: Mike Gallagher (R)

Republicans will remain in control of the House of Representatives with a count of 236 to 191.

  • Election Results

✔ 63% Mike Gallagher (R)

37% Tom Nelson (D)

Wisconsin State Legislature

Senate: Republicans will remain in control of the State Senate with a count of 20 to 13.

  • 18th Senate District

✔ 60% Dan Feyen (R)

40% Mark Harris (D)

  • 14th Senate District

✔ 52% Luther Olsen (R)

48% Brian Smith (D)

  • 32nd Senate District

✔ 49% Jennifer Shilling (D)

49% Dan Kapanke (R)

  • 24th Senate District

✔ 52% Patrick Testin (R)

48% Julie Lassa (D)

  • Assembly: Republicans will remain in control of the State Assembly with a count of 64 to 35.
  • 85th Assembly District

✔  46% Pat Snyder (R)

54% Mandy Wright (D)

  • 51st Assembly District

✔  51% Todd Novak (R)

49% Jeff Wright (D)

  • 92nd Assembly District

✔  52% Treig Pronschinske (R)

48% Chris Danou (D)

  • 50th Assembly District

✔ 58% Ed Brooks (R)

42% Art Sharder (D)

The newly elected members of the Wisconsin State legislature will be inaugurated into office on January 3, 2017, marking the first day of the 2017-2018 Legislative Session.  The members of the legislature will have a tough year ahead as they tackle the state budget set to be introduced in February by Governor Walker.