August 2016 Marquette Poll: Trump Trails Clinton by 15 Points

August 2016 Marquette Poll:

Trump Trails Clinton by 15 Points  

Last Thursday, the Marquette Law School released their August poll showing Trump trailing Clinton by 15 points among likely voters. Trump is only supported by 37% of those polled compared to 41% in July’s poll.  The drop in support coincides with a difficult month for the first time nominee who experienced bad press following controversial statements.

The poll continued to fair well for Clinton when voters were asked how they viewed the Democratic candidate.  43% of voters said they had a favorable view of her while 53% said they viewed her in an unfavorable light.  Last month, only 36% of voters viewed her in favorable light while 58% have an unfavorable view.  Trump, on the other hand, continues to fall with only 27% of voters viewing him favorably.

Trump’s continued drop in the polls is frightening to some of the GOP candidates down ticket, afraid an unfavorable presidential candidate could mean a drop in numbers for state candidates.  Sen. Johnson, in particular, is having a tough battle without the added pressure of the presidential election.  He will go against former Sen. Russ Feingold on November 8th in what is predicted to be a difficult race.  Feingold has continued to be favored in the polls, supported by 53% of likely voters, while Johnson is at 42%.  His numbers are down two points from July’s poll.

Marquette Law School will continue to poll voters throughout the campaign season.  The August poll was conducted on August 4-7 and includes a sample of 805 registered Wisconsin voters and 683 likely voters. To see how the rest of the poll faired for presidential and state candidates, please visit the Marquette Law School website.