Marquette University Law School Poll: Clinton Takes the Lead in Wisconsin

On June 15th, the Marquette University Law School released their latest poll numbers and despite the tumultuous campaign season thus far, Wisconsin voters continue to stay blue. Out of the 800 registered voters interviewed between June 9th and 12th, the majority say they will vote Democrat for the two biggest races in the state, the Presidential and the U.S. Senate.


Former Secretary Hilary Clinton has all but clinched the Democratic nominee for president over current Senator Bernie Sanders. Should the secretary move forward to the general election, Wisconsin registered voters have chosen her to win the state with 42% of the vote. However, the secretary’s percentage has dropped since the March poll when 47% of registered voters said they would choose Clinton for president.

Clinton’s predicted running mate, Republican nominee Donald Trump, did not fare well in this month’s poll either. Trump has dropped 2 percentage points in the polls since March, with only 35% of registered voters saying they would support Trump in the general election. That said, 17% of registered voters would not vote for either candidate, leaving the door open for the potential candidates to win more votes before November.

U.S. Senate

Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson gains ground against former Democrat Senator Russ Feingold. Fighting for a seat previously held by his opponent, Johnson trails Feingold by 4 points. A gap previously separated by 5 points in the March poll.

As November approaches, the senate will be a close race to call. With fluidity in the numbers, the presidential race may affect those further down ticket. The tear in the Republican party with the presidential nominee predicted to be Donald Trump, may cause party voters to stay at home, opening the door for a Democrat win. Among the Republicans polled, 78 percent said they would absolutely vote in November, down ten points from March.

The following is a breakdown of additional data collected from the Marquette University Law School Poll:

Presidential Race: Likely Voters
Clinton: 46%
Trump: 37%
Neither: 13%
U.S. Senate: Likely Voters
Johnson: 42%
Feingold: 51%
Governor Walker: Approval
Approve: 39%
Disapprove: 57%

The Marquette Poll was conducted prior to the devastating terrorist attack in Orlando which has ignited a larger national debate on gun control, possibly swaying votes. The poll is released every few months by the Marquette University Law School and has an error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points for registered voters.