Personalized Government Affairs Services

Hoven Consulting’s success is measured by the success of our clients in the Capitol and throughout state government. Our knowledge of the legislative process and state agency operations, coupled with our political insight and relationships with policymakers, provide our clients with  resources to effectively navigate Wisconsin’s unpredictable political environment.  Our experienced lobbying team provides around-the-clock government affairs services. We work diligently to advocate our client’s interests to legislators and other key decision-makers to help meet their individual government affairs goals.

Hoven Consulting offers clients a wide-array of personalized services, including:

    • Lobbying:

      Based on decades of combined experience, the Hoven Consulting team works with their clients to develop strategies to navigate the Wisconsin State Legislature and achieve their legislative and regulatory goals.  Our vast network and strong relationships with key contacts in both the legislature and administration allow us to implement our strategy and realize our client’s goals.

    • Monitoring Services:

      Our monitoring service provides clients with pertinent information on legislation and regulations affecting their organization. Tracking legislation from introduction to enactment allows clients to stay on top of the issues by providing analysis, inside intelligence, and keeping your organization up-to-date in the ever changing world of state government.

    • Critical Communications:

      Our team provides regular communications to keep clients informed on legislative happenings and assist in development of critical communications to state government and their organization.  We specialize in the formulation and employment of press releases, testimony, issue briefs, talking points, newsletters, legislative alerts, and communications to their organizations.

    • Grassroots Organizations:

      Our team has developed strategies with each of our clients to increase advocacy within their organizations, advancing their legislative goals.  We provide our clients with tools to effectively build political coalitions and advocacy participation from key contact programs, connecting members to legislators, to advocacy days at the capitol.

    • Issue Research & Bill Analysis:

      The Hoven Consulting team delivers comprehensive and timely reports on all legislative action, including in-depth analysis to assist in strategy development and implementation.  Our up-to–the-minute reports allows our clients the ability to construct effective responses to new or threatening public policy.